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Why is my proxy plan pending?

Why is my proxy plan pending?

Normally, a proxy plan gets activated shortly (in less than a minute) once your payment gets confirmed; however, if you notice your plan is "Pending" for more than five (5) minutes, here are the possible reasons why, and what you can do to activate it as soon as possible:

PayPal payment confirmation was not received

This usually happens when you close the browser abruptly while PayPal is finalizing the payment confirmation - ideally, you will need to wait for PayPal to re-direct you back to your Ace Proxies dashboard.

Here are the easy steps to resolve and activate your proxy plan right away:

From your Ace Proxies dashboard, click "Balance" from the left-side menu. Here's the direct link:

Look for the transaction related to the "Pending" proxy plan, it should be easy to locate it as the transaction will give you a Finish Payment button with its status showing "Pending". Clicking that button will direct you to PayPal to finish and confirm the payment - no worries, you will not be charged twice, doing so will only signal our system that the plan has been paid and should be activated. See below for the sample screenshot:

You've manually scheduled a date for your proxy plan activation

By default, the proxy plan is set to be activated immediately after receiving the payment confirmation; however, if you selected a later activation date when placing the order, the system will activate the proxy plan on the selected date at 12:00 AM GMT.

Here's how you can activate the proxy plan manually:

From your dashboard, click the tab of the type of proxy that you want to activate, in this example, it's the "Premium Data Center Proxies":

Click on the Pending tab under "My Proxy Plans" and click on the "Activate Now" button.

That's it! Your proxy plan will be activated shortly (in less than a minute) and will be ready for download.

Updated on: 01/16/2023

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