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How can I replace my proxies?

How can I replace my proxies?

The option to replace your proxies is only included in the monthly plans. You can either replace all your proxies with another set of IPs from the same subnet, or change the entire subnet (another location).

Here are the steps on how you can replace your proxies or change your subnet location:

Log into your Ace Proxies account.

Click the "View" button of your plan

Click on the "Proxy Replacements" tab located just below the details about your proxy plan.

Click the "Replace Proxies" button and a small window will pop up that will ask you to if you want to change locations. Selecting "Yes" to the drop-down selection will show you the locations available.

You will see the message about the proxy replacement on top of your plan details that tells you about the status of your proxy replacement down the bottom.

Once the replacement is done, you will receive an email confirming that replacement was successful, and the status under the "Proxy Replacements" tab should show "Done."

Finally, download your proxy list again to get the new IPs. That's it!

Updated on: 01/16/2023

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