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General bandwidth usage guide for GB plans

How much bandwidth do I consume just browsing websites or the internet?

Depends mainly on the type of website but the amount of bandwidth or data you use up will vary as some sites include lots more rich content (images and videos). In general, expect to use around 60 MB per hour when browsing the web.

How much bandwidth do I consume streaming videos on YouTube?

Bandwidth or data usage on YouTube vary mostly on which streaming quality option you select. If you stream using the standard video quality option (480p) it should only use around 6 MB per minute or 360 MB per hour.

While streaming high-quality YouTube videos in 1080p for example will consume about 150 MB per minute or 900 MB for a full one hour of usage.

How much bandwidth do I consume watching Netflix?

Streaming using the lowest quality setting on Netflix will consume around 5 MB per minute or 300 MB per hour, the medium quality can consume up to 9 MB per minute or 450 MB per hour, while the high-quality ones will chew through 17 MB per minute which sums up to a full 1 GB for each hour of Netflix.

How much bandwidth will I consume on Social Media sites / apps?

Scrolling through social media will use approximately 2 MB per minute, which is considerably low. However, if you watch videos on your feeds, this number will increase for each minute you spend on the video, so think it through.

Moreover, Facebook for example, has settings that allow you to limit your Facebook data usage or decrease the quality of the videos on your feeds.

How much bandwidth will I consume playing games?

That mainly depends on the game you are playing. Not all games consume the same amount of bandwidth per hour, but you may want to resort to contacting the game provider or the support of the game regarding their game's bandwidth consumption to get a better estimate. It's also important to be wary of the game updates in general such as patches and version updates. You should only consider downloading these while on Wi-Fi.

Updated on: 10/05/2021

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