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How does the Affiliate Program work?

Affiliate Program

We have a 3-tier affiliate program. The commissions we offer are:

Tier 1: 20%
Tier 2: 10%
Tier 3: 5%

Basically, if you can refer someone to sign up using your affiliate link, then you'd get 20% from any purchases made by your referral, and your earning doesn’t stop there. If your referral refers another person using his affiliate link, then you'd get 10% and your referral would get 20% from the purchases made by the user your referral referred. The percentage earning goes on until 5% (Tier 3).

Any commission earned by using the affiliate program is automatically added as a store credit to your account which you can either spend on products from our site or request a payout which we send at the beginning of each month. It’s important to note that you can only request a payout if you have a minimum of $50 credit in your account.

Log into your account and hover your mouse cursor to your username on the upper right-hand corner of the page.
Click “Affiliate Program”
You can then copy your affiliate link from that page and send it out to your referrals

Where can I find my earnings from the Affiliate Program?

You can find your referral commissions on the same page where you can find your Affiliate Link. Here's the direct link.

How can I withdraw my earnings?

You can withdraw your commissions by opening a ticket here. Please bear in mind that there is a 30-day clearance period for earnings/commission withdrawals. This means that you can only withdraw commissions that were earned at least 30 days prior to the withdrawal date.

For instance, if today is May 1st, you can only request the withdrawal of commissions earned up until April 1st.

Commissions earned from refunded transactions (voluntary or chargeback) will not be counted and will be deducted upon withdrawal.

Updated on: 06/05/2023

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