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Steps to Set up HTTP Proxies on iPhones / iPads

Open the Settings app and go to WiFi.

Tap the name of the WiFi network you’re connected to.

Scroll to the bottom and you’ll find a section for HTTP Proxy. This is set to Off by default. You can either set it to ‘Auto’ for automatic proxy detection or ‘Manual’ for manually configuring the proxy settings.

If you select ‘Auto’, a new field is shown for URL. Enter the address of the proxy auto-configuration script into the URL field.
If you have the proxy server’s address and port, then choose ‘Manual’ and continue with the steps below.

Enter the address of the proxy server into the ‘Server’ field and then enter the port number.

If the server requires a username and password, turn on the Authentication toggle and enter the necessary details.

Once you’ve entered all the details correctly, your device will now forward all the network requests to the configured proxy server. If you can access websites or the internet without getting any errors, it means that the proxy configuration is correct.

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Updated on: 05/31/2018

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